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Hsinchu Zoo is located in Hsinchu City in north-western Taiwan. The zoo, located in Hsinchu Park, is the oldest and smallest public zoo of Taiwan. The zoo was established in 1936 during the Japanese occupation era. So far, Hsinchu Zoo owns lots of natural resources such as animals, plants and landscape. The Zoo has an area of 5.4 hectares and is preparing to become a modern Zoological Garden.

By incorporating both education and entertainment functions, the Hsinchu Zoo developed into something much more than a conventional recreation and leisure spot; in fact, the most important goals of the Hsinchu Zoo are now in animal conservation and environmental education.

The Zoo has 11 employees that care for over 250 animals distinguished into 70 different species including mammals (herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores), birds, and reptiles. Most of the animals displayed in the zoo are adopted for many different reasons. Some of them are protected species listed from CITES, and others are cherished domestic species of Taiwan.

Hsinchu Zoo Picture Hsinchu Zoo Picture Hsinchu Zoo Picture


Opening hours
‧Open all year from 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.                
  (except every Monday and on Chinese New Year's eve )

‧Entrance Ticket : NT$20  for all, except free entry

‧Eligibility for Free Entry‧

  1. Children under five years old
  2. Seniors sixty-five and over 
    (with identity card)
  3. Handicapped people ( with certification )
  4. Retired public servants and teachers 
    ( with retirement card )

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Visitor Reminder

You are not permitted to:
‧Bring pets
‧Ride bicycles or roller blade
‧Climb fences and enter enclosures
‧Feed the animals


Our Zoo Location :  111, Bo' ai St

‧Walk from Railroad Station(about 10 mins.)
Railway Station→ turn right(north)onto Junghua Rd.→ Dungda Elevated Bridge →turn right and pass through the tunnel→ Hsinchu park(Hsinchu zoo inside the park)

‧Bus Service: 1, 1jea ,2, 2jea

traffic map


Open All Year Except on every Monday and on Chinese New Year's eve From8:30 a.m. to5:00 p.m. Entrance Ticket:NT$10

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